1. Finding Love
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Finding Love

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I wanna come out
Have some of that fresh air around me
And then back inside, I‘ll have a lot to say
And all the answers that we need

And what I need now is some light in my universe
Every bug in life has a reason, has a heart
Come on and tell me, come on and tell me what it‘s all for
I want you, my heart, to be right by my side

And I say I obey, but don‘t tell me that I don‘t know
You know, I‘ll wait, I want cease-fire in my mind
And I can‘t hide from love by telling my heart it lost
The meaning of love again

I wanna find out
What else is there inside of me and I
I want you to come in then
To show you what I‘ve got
And what you can have of it

And if you tell me you don‘t like what you see
That‘s fine with me
Now come on and tell me, what do you see
I want you, my heart, to be right by my side

And I‘ll wait, I have no clue if that‘s all wrong
And love, it‘s not always comfortable
So I wait to find it in its purest shape

Then I will take it home
So you‘re no longer alone
Let‘s come down off that throne
I want you to be able to find me

And I hope that love would save my back
‘Cause I‘m making do without
Any shields against heart-attacks
And I just don‘t wanna lose this time
I want you, my heart, to be right by my side
But I‘ll die if I find you cannot feel my love
And I can‘t deny that I find a hole inside of me
And I need love and words
And hands that don‘t fear speaking
Let me see from outside what it is that we need
To find the meaning of love again